Brown Jalapeno (Capsicum Annuum) Hot- 10 Isolated Seeds

Brown Jalapeno (Capsicum Annuum) Hot- 10 Isolated Seeds

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 Brown Jalapeno

   This was an accidental cross from Peter Merle. Ancho Mulato crossed with a Jalapeno.  When Peter grew the helppinos they were much much larger and Brown. This happened in 2015. 

  These peppers grow About the length of a hand On the largest capacity. Is medium to high yields and very thick walled.  Plants may need to be staked in order for extra support from the peppers.

   The heat level is slightly below the jalapeno the standard jalapeno. I prefer to slice these long ways and stuff them with cream cheese absolutely fantastic your traditional jalapeno flavor with an extra sweetness that comes with the chocolate peppers