Dragon's Breath (Capsicum Chinense) Super Hot- 10 Isolated Seeds

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  Dragon's breath pepper is a 7 point infinity variant developed by developed by Neil price in England.  There is so much hype on this pepper that it is beyond belief. Rumor has it that Neil's in laws went to the media and hyped it up saying that this pepper is so hot that I could kill you. And gave them SHU units which stands for scoville heat units. That was never proven at least by my eyes. 

  Rest assure this pepper will not kill you laugh out loud. It is very fruity flavored small to medium peppers will produce on on these plants. Massive mass of heat. I do suggest it's one of the hottest but I believe that it is not the honest. Please watch my review on YouTube you can watch my pure pain and great review on flavor. YouTube: Jimmy Puckles Pepper Channel.