Naga Brain Red Dragon (Capsicum Chinense) Super Hot-10 Isolated Seeds

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This pepper comes from rocco in Italy. I do not know much about the history of this one. But as Time goes on I will do further research.  Not much information was found but I know it's been around for a few years.

   This pepper is one of the Gnarliest peppers I've ever seen.  The red ripen skin of this pepper reminds me of simmering water. Is the symbolism of heat with the skin does tell the truth.  Even one little nibble of this pepper you will taste a sweet fruity flavor and within a 10th of a second mass of heat rushing rushing in brings your temperature higher. As  beads of sweat running down your face  Panic mode sets in. But you know you will survive this massive of heat.

   Mid season delayed season producer and high yields.