Orange Lesya (Capsicum Annuum) No Heat- 10 Isolated Seeds

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  This pepper originates from Ukraine. Ivanna Bilous  And her family has been growing this for a decade and a half. 

   The plants at least for me grew a couple feet tall.  The stock of the plant is thick in order to hold up the heavy weight of these peppers. Keep an eye on these when you grow them you might need to stake them.

   Thick walled pepper.  Very juicy Which gives it a refreshing sensation while eating the Lesya pepper.  No heat and very sweet citrus tones.  The pepper grows in a heart shape.  This pepper would definitely be great for stuffing and baking. I always suggest crab meat and cheese which is my go to.

  The color starts off green then yellowish Bush and for me a lightest Orange. Depending upon your area upon production for the harvest. Up North it seems to be a mid season producer down South seems to be an early season producer.