Primotalii (Capsicum Chinense)-Super Hot- 10 Isolated Seeds

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Primotalii (Capsicum Chinense)

  Primotalii aka Primotalii. One of the hottest peppers. Johnny Scoville the reviewer claims it's the hottest he's ever had. The 7 Pot Primo X Fatalii. In 2012 Chris Saunders made this cross. the time at his second generation he started getting a very long tail on these. Each Peppers tail is sometimes longer than the others. This pepper ripens red. And I have noticed there is an orange variety out in the world somewhere. Also I have been working on the chocolate Primotalii. This will be an exclusive possibly in 2020 or 2021.

  Medium yields on this but very large peppers. Each tail is very unique on each individual pepper. It's like the skin is boiling as almost symbolism for the mass amounts of heat.